The Danger of Entertainment

The Danger of Entertainment

Who doesn’t like movies, TV-series, games, novels or other fiction books? I certainly do for one. It’s good to have fun and entertainment can many times include educational aspects such as language training, reflections over our society, memory training, reflex training and more.

However there is another side of the coin. Many times the entertainment is good in some ways but it also makes us less aware of what’s going on in society. It moves our focus to just having fun and being fed with whatever the entertainment and media industry want us to consume.

“It was believed by those who ran Rome that the people could be kept happy and content if they had access to varied and enjoyable entertainment.” Quote from the History Learning Site. The meaning of this is that if people had entertainment they didn’t see or didn’t care what the ruling elite was doing and would not rebel against their leaders. So the leaders could keep on doing what they wanted regardless if it was good or bad. I think this is more and more becoming a reality even in our society. We spend more and more time just consuming what is given to us and less and less time socializing and thinking for our selves. Hereby lies the danger that I’m talking about. It also seems it has made our attention span shorter and shorter. We are always fed with different types of entertainment and society moves faster and faster. If we watch movies from say the 50s most of us would think they are very boring because they don’t have as much action and things happening compared to modern movies.

So don’t be afraid of having nothing to do. Just turn of all the devices now and then for an our or two and really reflect over life and society or just spend time talking with your friends over a cup of coffee without having to do things like playing games, watching movies, doing sports etc. Maybe you will find out something important you never thought of or knew before.

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