Is meditation for me? – Trying the Zen12 program

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I have always been very hesitant about meditation. I was born and raised in a christian environment and was taught that meditation is dangerous since it is deeply connected with the Buddhist religion and since it opens up to the spiritual world in a way you can’t control. However the phrase “meditating over the word” was many times used referring to reflecting over some text in the Bible. So the question is if there was something real in that statement or if it was said just because people are afraid of the unknown.

In recent years I have grown more and more interested in finding out how the world and we as humans work. I have studied, read about and listened to many of the most successful people around the globe and tried to find out what made them successful. One thing I stumble upon time after time is that they all seem to do meditation. Science have shown that there are so many good benefits of meditation such as:

  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts your immune system and helps fight deceases
  • Helps you learn faster
  • Increasing your attention span
  • Better sleep
  • Improves metabolism and helps you loose weight
  • Improves functioning of your brain
  • Makes you happier and more positive
  • Helps you feel more connected

Somehow I found this thing called Zen12 and started to check it out. What first got me interested was that it is using sound to affect the brainwaves, so called brainwave entrainment. I have previously read about what’s called Binaural Beats“. Binaural Beats is a science/pseudo science which tries to affect the brainwaves by playing a different frequency tone in each ear. The brain will then translate these tones into one single frequency which is the difference between these frequencies. So say a tone of 300Hz is played in one ear and a tone of 308Hz is played in the other ear. Then the brain will translate them into a frequency of 8Hz. By simulating these low frequencies your brain waves are supposed to adapt to these frequencies and according to the creators of this method you become more relaxed, focused, creative etc.

Zen12 is using another sound based method called “Isochronic Tones” which is based on sound pulses to affect the brainwaves. This is a newer method than binaural beats which have showed better and more consistant results from the studies done on the subject. Combined with meditation this is supposed to be a very powerful combination. So your brainwaves vary in frequency but uses the very low interval. The lower frequency the calmer, more focused and more creative etc. your brain is. This low frequency state is the state of mind that people are trying to accomplish when doing meditation. You can measure brain activity with an EEG.

The first level of the Zen12 program is available for free and it totally blew my mind when I tried it. I don’t know if it’s placebo or if it’s because the program actually works but everytime I do it I get more focused, creative, productive, less tired and more relaxed. Each session takes only 12 minutes which is a great benefit compared to the time you have to spend on other meditation methods. Zen12 says their 12 minute sessions are supposed to give you the benefit of an one hour session of regular meditation. For me the benefits last about two days after each session. I will definitely continue with this and recommend it to anyone who wants to try.

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