Boredom Is the Mother of Creativity

Boredom Is the Mother of Creativity

Have you ever heard the expression above? Some of you may have. Today we are living in an information society and a world full of entertainment everywhere we see. We are stuffed with information and different impressions every minute of the day. Many of us are even afraid of silence. I can say that out of my own experience. It’s like boredom is the worst thing anyone can ever experience.

The problem with this mentality is that we stop thinking for ourselves. We stop reflecting on the world around us. Because of that we don’t realize how stressed out it makes us. I’m not trying to say that entertainment or information is a bad thing. On the contrary I think it’s very good that we have this access. We can learn things we never had the possibility to do merely 20-30 years ago and having fun is always a good thing. The problem is when we stop listening to ourselves or don’t let our brains work it’s magic.

A lot has been said about mindfulness, meditation and their benefits the last couple of years and I have found that it is a great way to face the fear of boredom and silence. Walking in nature is another thing that has worked for me not only to relax but also to get my mind working. I get most of my good ideas when I’m out walking. However we also need those moments to ourselves in a quiet environment with just a pen and paper, an audio or video recorder or whatever tool you like to use to structure your ideas. I also highly recommend to read what one of my favorite bloggers and podcasters James Altucher writes about becoming an idea machine.

So get out there and dare to be bored. Dare to “enjoy the silence” like the famous song with Depeche Mode says. Dare to look beyond the constant buzz in your mind and the constant need to be “busy”. Dare to be you.

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