Fiverr – Everything you need for $5

Fiverr – Everything you need for $5

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Hi everyone,

Just want to share with you an amazing website that I found not so long ago that could really help and boost your carrier. It’s called Fiverr and is a platform where anyone can offer their services for $5. Here you can find everything from session musicians, mixing and mastering to graphic design, programming and marketing. Users can rate the services they use so it’s quite easy to find out where you will get quality. The value you can get for your money is many times unbelievable.

This is also a great platform to promote yourself or earn some extra bucks while studying. You choose yourself how much you will give for the $5. Sometimes there will be offers such as “I will sing a 15 sec hook for your song. If you want another 15 sec just add another 5 bucks.” So it’s fully up to the provider what will be your offer. It’s also possible to add a video presentation of yourself and your service.

I find this especially good for songwriters and artists since you can get more or less the whole process for your albums both cheap, convenient and with good result. Imagine you have just written a song. Just record yourself and a piano or guitar whichever is your preferred instrument for writing. Then find yourself a bass player on Fiverr, a drummer, keyboard and maybe some back up singers. Then put everything together, find someone to mix and master it. Then you can get help with setting up a website and promoting your music to different record companies, radio stations and fans. All this still just from Fiverr. I would guess you haven’t even reached $100 yet for all these services! So try it out and let me know what you think. I know I will.

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  2. Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biiggty.

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