Hi and welcome to my website. I am very happy you’ve found your way here and hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

In the blog I will write about music, sound engineering, science of music, personal development, sales and marketing which are some of the things I love the most and from where I have the most experience.

I have a background from working in various areas such as managing a record company, running my own company within music and sound engineering, being one of the founders of a mission organization, working as both assistant guest services manager at a time share resort and sales manager for a hotel chain in Sweden.

Music is one of my greatest passions. I have been into music since I was 9 years old. When I was a kid I tried all kind of sports but was never very successful. When I started to play the saxophone in third grade however I had a totally different experience. Very soon I was the best student out of about 20 saxophone players starting at the same time. That was when I decided I wanted to do music and give up on sports. In sixth grade I was the only one in my town who was allowed to play two instruments in the municipality music school. Since then I have been studying both music and sound engineering.

What I have discovered during my years in the music industry is that musicians and sound engineers many times have great knowledge in their profession but lack the ability to communicate and market themselves and their talents or vice versa. So I will try to highlight both what I think is necessary or highly useful in the music industry or generally and also related subjects that I just enjoy.

So feel free to come by from time to time and I will try to update as often as I can.

Kind Regards

Mikael Lindberg a.k.a. nu: